Marian Freye

Rhythm Guitar

Member since: 2011
Residence: Cologne
Equipment: Guitars: Jack&Danny LS Special, Harley Benton RX-10 BK;
Amp: Line6 POD HD500 X;
Pickups: Seymour Duncan TB-4 BLK, EMG HZ H4 BK/EMG HZ H4A BK;
Bands: Ne Obliviscaris, Wintersun, Disillusion, Leprous, Behemoth, Amorphis, Katatonia
Albums: Citadel – Ne Obliviscaris, The Satanist – Behemoth, Time I – Wintersun; Circle, Eclipse – Amorphis; Back To Times of Splendor – Disillusion; Malina – Leprous; Dead End Kings – Katatonia
Miscellaneous: “You want to know my secret? I am always angry!”