Jannik Baur

Jannik Nicola Baur – Drums

Member since: Founding member
Residence: Cologne
Equipment: DDrum Diablo Death Punx Drumset + several Extensions;
Toms: 10″, 12″, 13″, 16″;
Cymbals from Stagg, Paiste, Millenium and Meinl;
Sticks: Zultan DW Hickory Wood Tip;
Pedal: TAMA Iron Cobra DUO Glide HP600DTWB Doppelpedal
Miscellaneous: Behringer UMC1820 U-Phoria Audiointerface
Bands: Dark Tranquillity, This Ending, Keep Of Kalessin, Wintersun, Dir En Grey, Arcturus, For The Sky
Albums: Haven, Character, Fiction – Dark Tranquillity; Time I – Wintersun; Inside The Machine, Dead Harvest – This Ending; Stormblast (2005) – Dimmu Borgir; Minutes To Midnight – Linkin Park; If You Wait – London Grammar, Arson – Harakiri For The Sky
Miscellaneous: Who is the bigger fool? The fool or the fool following him?