“The year is 2153 and the world is in ruins. The apocalypse has come over humanity and there are only a few survivors left.”

This is the scenery that MARTYRION from Cologne take on. The band exists since 2006; to find their current style and line-up, they went through many upheavals and transformations.

Shortly after the foundation, the first concerts with own songs could be played in Cologne. At the end of 2011 the self-produced album “Refugium: Exile” was released and within the next two years Martyrion play more concerts in Cologne and take second place at the “Local Heroes NRW Contest”.

2012 and 2013 see various changes on the vocalist front. At the beginning of 2013 David joins the band and brings fresh wind into the band with his commitment and his voice.

In March 2013 the EP “A New Beginning” is released, which contains both old and new songs and on which David’s voice can be heard for the first time. Numerous concerts follow, also outside of Cologne, and the band manages to win over more and more fans. At another band contest “Rhein-Berg rockt” Martyrion reaches the second place.

In 2015, among others, the stages of Out&Loud Festival and Metal Frenz Open Air are played and the second album “Our Dystopia” is written and produced. In early 2016, the band signs with the Essen-based label “Boersma Records”, which released “Our Dystopia” on 26.8.2016. In addition, the debut album “Refugium: Exile” was re-recorded and released again in March 2016.

Musically, the band moves in the genre of melodic death metal, but serves various subgenres in their songs. In addition to catchy melodies and powerful solos, the atmosphere of the songs is in the foreground, which is rounded off by special songwriting and the use of interludes. The play between fast and slow parts within the songs also creates a multi-faceted arrangement that captivates the listeners of the music. The scenario of a post-apocalyptic world is reflected on the one hand in the lyrics, which address the human flaw and criticize man as such, without losing the ground and without serving the genre-standard clichés. On the other hand, the band also brings this scenario on stage and thus before the eye of the beholder. Thus, the five members of the band always appear in coordinated outfits – almost battle suits – which are individually adapted and thus convey the overall picture of a post-apocalyptic world to the viewer. The use of blood and camouflage makeup then rounds this off again.


Martyrion is:

Nico Kaminski (Vocals)
Felix Lüpke (Leadguitar)
Marian Freye (Rhythmguitar)
Jannik Baur (Drums)