“We are in the year 2153. The world is in ashes. Apocalypse has come over humanity and there are only a few survivors…”

That is the scenary MARTYRION from Cologne attend to. Founded in 2006 the band experienced various changes to find their current style and lineup.

Short time after establishment there were played first gigs in Cologne with self-written material. At the end of the year 2011 Martyrion released their self-produced debutalbum “Refungium: Exile” and played several concerts in Cologne and surrounding area over the following two years. In that time they got second place at “Local Heroes NRW Contest”.

In 2012 and 2013 there were again changes in lineup and in 2013 David became the new singer of Martyrion. With his engagement and his voice he breathed new life into the band.

In March 2013 Martyrion released the new EP “A New Beginning” containing new and old songs. On this record, David’s voice can be heard for the first time with Martyrion. The band playes various concert in Cologne and beyond and the band managed to gain new fans. At another Bandcontest calles “Rhein-Berg rockt” the band also got second place.

In 2015 besides different clubgigs the band played two festival shows at “Out and Loud Festival” and “Metal.Frenzy Open Air” and recorded the second Album “Our Dystopia”, which will be released in 2016.



Martyrion is:

Nico Kaminski (Vocals)
Felix Lüpke (Leadguitar)
Marian Freye (Rhythmguitar)
Jannik Baur (Drums)