My heart begins to drown

Alone I feel the sorrow
Your life left to my heart
Every raindrop remains eternally
On my skin

You are the void
That inheres in
Myriads of memories
Tearing me asunder

I died the day
You left the mortal world
I died that day
A thousand times

I travel down
The mourning-river
And i see the land
Passing by

Without knowing
Where it ends

I wander through
The silent land
And the wind
And the wind
Carries your name
Beyond the veil of time

On the shore
I wait for you
Until the end

I throw my life away
(I am here to take your pain)
I close my eyes
(I am here to lighten the dark)
And I see you
(I can hear your voice)
I can feel you
(Take my hand)
For ever (For ever)

I see the end of the river