Happy Birthday "Our Dystopia"! [english below]

Unser aktuelles Album wird heute drei Jahre alt. Wie die Zeit vergeht...
Um den "Geburtstag" gebührend zu feiern, könnt ihr "Our Dystopia" jetzt in Gänze auf YouTube hören.
Außerdem haben wir uns für unser kommendes Konzert am 6.9. in Solingen ein besonderes Angebot für euch ausgedacht. Weitere Infos folgen. Hier geht es zur Konzert-Veranstaltung. Der Eintritt ist kostenlos, also kommt vorbei!

Our latest Album turns 3 years today. Incredible how fast time passes by.
To celebrate "Our Dystopia" you now can listen to the whole album on YouTube.
Also there will be a special deal for the album at our next concert in two weeks. Furhter information will follow. Martyrion Album: Our Dystopia Year: 2016 Published: Boersma Records Tracks: Our Dystopia 0:00 I In The End 1:38 Genozenith 8:18 The Calm After The St...
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Lauscht unserem Song von unserem aktuellem Album "Our Dystopia", neu aufgenommen mit unserem neuen Sänger Nico, viel Spaß! ... See MoreSee Less


Ein neuer Riff, der auch auf unserem nächsten Album zu hören sein wird 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less


Nicht vergessen falls es wieder zu warm wird! ... See MoreSee Less


Das nächste Drumplaythrough ist da!
Diesmal von einem alten Stück, viel Spaß mit 'Infinite Gravity' #8 from our first album "Refugium: Exile" played on drums by Jannik. Make shure to check out our current album Our Dystopia on Visit ...
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Was ist denn da los?
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It's monday....Keep calm and watch this playthrough! our album Our Dystopia played on guitar by Felix. Make shure to check out our current album Our Dystopia on Visit us on: www.martyrion...
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Refugium: Exile on YouTube in it's entirety!
Listen now to the full Album below to jumpstart your monday motivation.
Refugium: Exile komplett auf YouTube!
Hört euch jetzt das ganze Album als Motivationsschub für den Wochenstart an. Martyrion Album: Refugium: Exile (Re-Record) Year: 2016 Tracks: War And Apathy 0:00 Breeding The Edge Of Doom 1:19 To Where I Can Reach The Stars 5:1...
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Lang ist's her, aber jetzt ist Schluss mit der Stille!
Hört euch den Rerecord von unserem Song
"I In The End" von unserem aktuellen Album "Our Dystopia" mit unserem neuen alten Frontmann
Nico an!
Viel Spaß 😀Rerecord of the song 'I in the End' from our album 'Our Dystopia' featuring our new singer Nico! To support us: Thumbs up! Subscribe! Like us on Facebook! (f...
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Martyrion großartig.


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People! Check out chapter 10 of the R:E lore - The calm after the storm

I see the light.
Never seen such beauty.
Never seen such virulency.
I see the light.
Bright and glaring.
There comes the storm.
The devourer that follows the elusive light.
The storm that eradicates all hope.
The ones who are to close to it are vaporized within the blink of an eye.
All others will be surrounded by impenetrable darkness.
Nothing can escape it.
Except thoughts of revenge.
I’m caught in the storm. I try to scream.
Towards my destiny.
But I have no voice.
The storm goes away a leaves a pallid feeling.
It is silent.
So many dead.
So many lives taken and left to forget.
But the silence does not endure. It just waits for the next bloodshed.
My thoughts of revenge made their way out of the darkness into the hearts of the inhabitants. No one would have thought that another Refugium would use this means.
We also don’t know why the bomb was detonated so early. Maybe it did not target us...
But no one cares about this here. The thoughts of revenge silence all sanity and make us beasts.
Snarling, people clean their weapons and make vehicles fit to drive. Soon, the red sun will rise.
The calm after the storm is over.
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Grüße aus dem Proberaum:
Was ist da denn los?

Wir wünschen euch schöne Feiertage!
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No Fear no Obedience - Check out the 9th chapter the R:E lore:

Yesterday, I attended a gathering of our leaders. One of them suggested to go into a new direction concerning the leadership style. To use the dread and fear of the people. The world is full of it, so why not use it? It is entangled deep in the hearts of every human. “No fear no obedience” were the words with which he ended his speech.
No fear no obedience.
These words may rule the world.
Fear is profoundly...human. It protects us from possible dangers. But our thoughts are dark and our will is weak. And so the fear brings us nothing but war. It leads to “inhuman” deeds which we justify with our reality. It gives us strength, but it makes us blind.
Is that worth it?
To give up our sanity for it? To lock up your will? To destroy your freedom?
I don’t know.
Today is one of the rare days on which there are no reports of attacks or deads. No detonations, no crying child which kneels above the chafed body of its mother. One of the days the world seemed to stand still.
We can hope for peace today.
But we will wait for it for eternity.
The silence scares me.
No fear no obedience.
These words may rule the world.
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New Gear day. Look and feel A+!
Kudos InTune Guitar Picks, Inc.
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