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Hört euch den Rerecord von unserem Song
"I In The End" von unserem aktuellen Album "Our Dystopia" mit unserem neuen alten Frontmann
Nico an!
Viel Spaß :DRerecord of the song 'I in the End' from our album 'Our Dystopia' featuring our new singer Nico! To support us: Thumbs up! Subscribe! Like us on Facebook! (f...
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Martyrion großartig.


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People! Check out chapter 10 of the R:E lore - The calm after the storm

I see the light.
Never seen such beauty.
Never seen such virulency.
I see the light.
Bright and glaring.
There comes the storm.
The devourer that follows the elusive light.
The storm that eradicates all hope.
The ones who are to close to it are vaporized within the blink of an eye.
All others will be surrounded by impenetrable darkness.
Nothing can escape it.
Except thoughts of revenge.
I’m caught in the storm. I try to scream.
Towards my destiny.
But I have no voice.
The storm goes away a leaves a pallid feeling.
It is silent.
So many dead.
So many lives taken and left to forget.
But the silence does not endure. It just waits for the next bloodshed.
My thoughts of revenge made their way out of the darkness into the hearts of the inhabitants. No one would have thought that another Refugium would use this means.
We also don’t know why the bomb was detonated so early. Maybe it did not target us...
But no one cares about this here. The thoughts of revenge silence all sanity and make us beasts.
Snarling, people clean their weapons and make vehicles fit to drive. Soon, the red sun will rise.
The calm after the storm is over.
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Grüße aus dem Proberaum:
Was ist da denn los?

Wir wünschen euch schöne Feiertage!
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No Fear no Obedience - Check out the 9th chapter the R:E lore:

Yesterday, I attended a gathering of our leaders. One of them suggested to go into a new direction concerning the leadership style. To use the dread and fear of the people. The world is full of it, so why not use it? It is entangled deep in the hearts of every human. “No fear no obedience” were the words with which he ended his speech.
No fear no obedience.
These words may rule the world.
Fear is profoundly...human. It protects us from possible dangers. But our thoughts are dark and our will is weak. And so the fear brings us nothing but war. It leads to “inhuman” deeds which we justify with our reality. It gives us strength, but it makes us blind.
Is that worth it?
To give up our sanity for it? To lock up your will? To destroy your freedom?
I don’t know.
Today is one of the rare days on which there are no reports of attacks or deads. No detonations, no crying child which kneels above the chafed body of its mother. One of the days the world seemed to stand still.
We can hope for peace today.
But we will wait for it for eternity.
The silence scares me.
No fear no obedience.
These words may rule the world.
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New Gear day. Look and feel A+!
Kudos InTune Guitar Picks, Inc.
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Follow up from last post. This one is much better 👏😌Start learning Biblical Greek: How to Pronounce martyrion in Biblical Greek - (μαρτύριον / testimony; martyrdom) μαρτύριον (martyrio... ... See MoreSee Less


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Oldie but goldie!
The Redeemer spiele ich immer noch sehr gerne :D
(Ich arbeite auch für kommende Videos an der Bildqualität ;) )
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The fear in our hearts || This is the title of chapter 8 of our (english) R:E lore:

Chapter 8
The fear in our hearts.

Something big is coming. One can really feel how the inhabitants of Refugium Exile are getting nervous. Another attack? Did they find further atomic warheads?
Whatever is coming, the chaos will break out and wreak havoc all over the world again. Will it be final this time? Or will we survive again this time and emerge from the ashes of the innovent?
People change as soon as they believe it is over soon. Where is the I in the end? When hope is no more? The truth comes to the light. The true me. The uncolored reality.
I ask myself, what would I do if I knew that there is no tomorrow.
If after my leaving there will be no humans anymore who could remember me.
Is it of any meaning then what I am doing? Do I have to fear the consequences if I know that humanity will no longer be? If nobody remembers me then nobody will remember my deeds…
This change and the fear of it change us. I lets us fall from our world into a fear-formed reality. A reality that justifies our doing.

As soon as we let this fear into our heart, it grabs us and lets our doubts grow and strive
From there on we are its slave.
And this is what I fear.
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We bring chaos and change the balance (English below)

Hier das nächste Video für euch: The End Of Eternity von unserem Album "Our Dystopia".
Das Video ist am 31.08.2017 in der Batschkapp in Frankfurt entstanden. Vielen Dank an Hendrik Schroeder und euch viel Spaß!


Our next video for you: The End of Eternity from our latest album "Our Dystopia".
The footage was shot on 31.08.2017 at Batschkapp, Frankfurt. A big thank you to Hendrik Schroeder and you guys have fun! Order now at Video footage recorded on 08/31/2017 at Batschkapp, Frankfurt Thanks to Hendrik Schroeder: Me...
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No Fear No Obedience, these words may rule the world (English below)

Schaut euch jetzt unser neues Video an! Die Tonspur kommt vom Album Our Dystopia, das Bildmaterial aus der Batschkapp in Frankfurt aus dem vergangenen Sommer. Vielen Dank an Hendrik Schroeder.
Viel Spaß!


Watch our new video now! Audio is taken from our Album Our Dystopia video footage was shot last summer at Batschkapp, Frankfurt. Thanks to Hendrik Schroeder.
Have fun! Order now at Video footage recorded on 08/31/2017 at Batschkapp, Frankfurt Thanks to Hendrik SChroeder Met...
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Hey folks, here is the next chapter of the Refugium: Exile lore! Enjoy!

Chapter 7
What we leave behind
We are only human. Just hearing this… What is it meant to be? An excuse? An apology? Does this justify the death of millions of innocent people?
However, it’s difficult to determine who is guilty and who is not… Does doing nothing make you guilty?
Humanity. Did it have a meaning at any time? Did we ever understand it? Is it human to kill? Is there nothing more to say? I can’t answer these questions.
I will go for a hunt now.
We chase our target for two hours now. Followed it into the dark. We rest. So do they. We just wait for the right moment. Gives you time to think. We hope something will happen soon.
We searched them. Besides ammunition nothing useful. We walk back towards Refugium. It’s dawn again. One can see the trace of the last attack. A few crows circle in the sky and wait until we passed by.
The missiles were thorough. Even the crows will have a hard time. This region is devastated and became uninhabitable. Like the rest of the world.
This world was a gift and we do nothing but to destroy it. We change it until it breaks apart. And at this point we will have killed what keeps us alive.
So is this what we are leaving behind? An earth sprinkled with scars which can not provide food and let live its inhabitants?
How long will it go well? Is the future uncertain, yet? Or do we kill it every day by pulling the trigger or pin; pushing the button, or just looking away? But one thing is for sure: We will never change.
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Hi fans, hope everyone is doing fine! Check out the next chapter of our background lore and keep the metal flowing!

Chapter 6
The silence
A missile swooshes past me. Packed with thoughts of genocide. I get down on the ground, making myself ready for the impact.
The attack is over. We won. Or survived; however you want to set it...But no one dies without leaving trace. Even if the most of us were surrounded by death, chaos and decay since their childhood, every extinguished light leaves a deep emptiness.
The screams won’t get out of my head. I have never seen before, that a human screamed against his fear and downfall this much. I could exactly see that they knew that nothing could stop the end. If not today, then on a day not far away.
Now the silence reigns. A silence which plunges us into a all surrounding darkness that cannot be penetrated by anything. For as long as it takes until the next scapegoat is found, as long as it takes until the next accusations sprout, as long as it takes until lust for revenge gain the upper hand again.
A silent whisper gets through to me. But no whisper can fill the emptiness.
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It's 2018 but nevertheless we will keep you supplied with the next chapter of our background lore!

Chapter 5
What are we fighting for in the first place? Every day could be our last. Every war our downfall. So what does another day matter? Doubt is gnawing on me. But as I look around and see how we built our refugium from the ruins, I believe in a better future.
Often I ask myself, what we will leave behind. Despite the scars which we piled deep down into earth; what remains are memories. Memories, which will outlast time and tell from a dark world in which the only flashes of Light are followed by a devastating storm.
Beautiful and hopeless in one moment, bright and glaring in another moment.
Yesterday, one of our scouts died. On his deathbed he told me: ‘Keep the peace. Every moment of peace is precious, because it’s volatile. Only a small obstacle on the path to war. Keep the peace.’ I don’t know if I can do that.
Soon, there will be a new attack. This time we will be the aggressors. Which opportunistic motive will our leaders have chosen? This world will never change, it will fall.
The light is blinding me.
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